Sunday, June 22, 2003

Jungle rumblings shake the bones and stir the fight-or-flight impulse still embedded in our lizard brain Built like a pear, yea baby! I love pears! I'm starting another blog just to see if my brain can be partitioned - which is to say, can I influence my thinking by creating a different 'cyber-environment?' Well, we'll see. Today is Sunday, 22 June 2003, and I'm restless and tired. It's been a long week at The A-J and I've spent my 'load,' so to speak.

My other blogs will be noted in the links section of this template. But to give you an idea of who you're dealing with here, I'm a copy editor/journalist; a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin; a white male, age 52; a baby boomer and a disaffected freak (I did the Berkeley thing in '68 ... ); a hustler, a gypsy, a Pisces and a writer. Hi.


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