Sunday, June 22, 2003

Jungle rumblings stir the fight-or-flight impulse still embedded in our lizard brain So it's Sunday and I'm recovering from the stress and tension of work. I guess when you get down to it, publishing is about handling deadline stress well enough to push through the fog and still produce diamond-sharp text tucked nicely into a bed of graphics, photos and colors so as to attract the eye of a potential buyer. So I get paid for stress-management. The rest is extraneous frills that I once thought was the crux of the matter. Another Sunday spent anxiously glancing at the clock and wondering 'What should I do to make this day a success - whatever that is?'

I wonder, should I go to the movies? There's really nothing playing I really want to go see. Should I watch this video I rented? I don't much feel like sitting on my bed staring at the boob-tube for 2 hours. Maybe I ought to go for a walk, yea, there's an idea. I can improve my body while soaking in the 90-plus-degree heat and sweltering humidity outside. Hmmm. Maybe not.

Maybe I should just play here in cyberspace for a while and let my befuddled brain sort itself out on its own. Perhaps then something will pop up in my imagination that will fire a will to take action.

Meantime, welcome to my new Blogspot blog. Miles to go before I sleep ....


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