Monday, January 26, 2004

The culture is sinking into a soggy swamp of commercialism run riot!

Yea, that's right. We're all going brain-dead from the waterfall of Hummers, TVs, DVDs, PCs, Internet Web sites that waste our time or fill our heads with useless trivia. The lowest common denominator has become the highest form of communication and corporate America loves this development. John Brunner's "The Sheep Look Up" is appearing more real than ever despite its wildly depressing vision of the future of life on this planet.

Societies merging create the need for a nexus, a point of power around which the masses swirl in lock-step to the tunes du jour.

Keep your eyes open, read as much as you can - read BOOKS - read magazines, comic books, technical publications, anything you can get your hands on. And DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! Use your hands to create a picture, a sculpture, a story, a house, a hobby horse, a photograph, something entertaining, thought-provoking or simply useful.

Let no one divert you from a course of a life worth living, and let no one tell you how to think.

That is all.


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