Monday, September 29, 2003

Earth orbit and the Milky Way galaxy are synchronous rhythms that sound like Jimi Hendrix if one listens. Yea, it's Sunday and D's just called asking me to come over and hold her hand while she calls her ex-hubby to "beg" for money. It really disgusts me when ex-husbands dissociate themselves from their children after divorce only to hurt their ex-spouse – especially when the bastard's got money oozing from his pores, literally millions of dollars in his bank account. But this SOB is so stingy with his cash, at least when it comes to supporting his daughter and his ex-wife (D) that he felt unfairly put upon when the court ordered him to pay a paltry $750 per month in child support. Child support! What a joke! D spends $750 per month on food and entertainment for her daughter and, though I know that's exorbitant for many single mothers, D feels she cannot deprive her daughter of as normal a life as possible despite the divorce.

Well, that's another story for another time.

I just wanted to put a spot on the old blog site just to keep my fingers nimble and my mind focused.

I'm off to play the shining knight (I hope) and perhaps share a few laughs with my dear lady D.

Here's wishing you a shining light to guide you, a romantic night to hide you, and an exultant flight through life.


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