Friday, November 11, 2005

Just to get it on the record, the baloney that the right-wing pundits and cheerleaders have spread about the Valarie Plame case, to wit: "Who cares about this nonsense? Everyone in Washington knew Plame was a CIA agent because her husband, touted her CIA status at cocktail parties all across the Hill."
Well, according to neighbors of Plame, friends of Plame and Attorney General Fitzgerald, "before her name was published no one knew Ms. Plame was a CIA agent, and her status at the CIA was top secret."
She was a covert agent.
And to those who say "no one cares that Scooter Libby was indicted, a CBS poll found that 86 percent of the people polled cares about the charges. Other polls reflect similar results.
Eighty-six percent is higher than the number who said they cared about Watergate, the Iran-Contra affair and Monica-gate.


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