Sunday, June 29, 2003

Whew! It's another muggy evening and thunder is rumbling above. It's Sunday and I've not a thing to do except fool around on the Internet for now. I've cleaned up my 'cave' for the bug man, who's coming tomorrow to spray the place and save us from tiny critters feeding on our bodies in the night. Speaking of which, I'm intrigued by this new film "28 Hours Later." At least I think that's its title. Not just another zombie movie, according to the director and producer. They tried to enliven the genre by using high-tech processes and a multi-layered story line that is actually moved along by character development, they said. But I'm no longer the horror buff I once was so I don't know if I'll spend the $5 to see a matinee or not.

I'm tired and feeling funky from all the sweat that's rolling off my head right now. The house is like an oven, quite literally, and I'm not privileged to alter the air conditioning setting.

So here I sit, dripping salty moisture from the tip of my nose, shifting back and forth in my chair so I can daub the rivelets of persperation streaming down my back. Damn! I wish it would rain. At least some of the humidity would dissipate with a downpour.

Between the coffee I've ingested and the heat I'm feeling dizzy and discombobulated. C'est la vie.


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