Sunday, September 14, 2003

Rats! I just lost my text and I'm too lazy to repeat what might have been jewels of wisdom and grace. C'est la vie'. Well, it's nearly time for the new TV season to begin and, like millions of blubbery Americans, I'm getting ready to spend hours staring at the telly to catch up on my favorite programs.

Of course, there's the best of the best, "The West Wing," the bible for armchair liberals who like to watch actors portraying active Democrats fighting the good fight.

Last season ended with President Bartlett resigning his post to actor John Goodman because his daughter (Barlett's) has been abducted by a shadowy Middle Eastern terror cell and the president's emotional reactions could lead the nation into senseless war with an innocent nation. Hmmm. Sounds vaguely like art imitating life, eh?

Then there's "ER." Last season's cliffhanger left us with Carter on his knees in the dirt with a .45 pressed to his forehead by a bloodthirsty guerilla in a fictitious African nation struggling under the weight of civil war. Oooh!

Then there are the staples (at least for me): "NY Blue," "Alias," "The Practice," the always entertaining "24," which, though ridiculous on its face, is frighteningly realistic in its premise. The closing scene of last season's final episode had the president (he's black - how revolutionary ... yawn) writhing on the ground in agony, poisoned by a pretty Chinese-cum-Asian gun moll. I'm sure Jack's mission will be to fight the terror cell that perpetrated the heinous act and save America again.

My favorite new show is PBS's "Now with Bill Moyers." It's possible the only program on television that offers a range of news pieces that explore the topics thoroughly and fairly – at least as fairly as a program that has Moyers as a host (read: Liberal). The show has consistently provided timely and provocative fodder for the old noodle. If you haven't yet, check it out (Friday night's at 8 p.m. CST).

Shifting gears, I've decided I'm going to try and partition each of my three blogs to reflect the range of my meandering mind. This blog will be dedicated to trivial, social phenomenon and such, while MOBLOG will focus on politics and the world at-large. Rantorama will be a forum for general news bits interlaced with philosophical viewpoints, spiritual enlightment (whatever that is ...), all things peculiar to human endeavor and pratfalls.

Look for these changes as time progresses and drop me a line when I tickle your rage, passion, fantasy or imagination, or just for no reason at all, K?

And while we're on the subject (notice the subtle segue), I'm taking donations for a CD-RW burner. I'm desperate to obtain a burner for my little iMac so I can utilize my Limewire file-sharing app (don't get your dander up, I pay for it and, far as I know, the artists are reimbursed for their product). But I'm empty, somehow, without the ability to burn CDs for my friends. There's so much good music out there if you look hard enough and I want to share some of it with those select few who I find common ground with whom I'd like to cultivate a musical roundtable – fodder for discussions on a lazy Saturday night, as it were.

So come on. You know you can afford it. Hell, if you'd like, just go out and buy me a Mac-compatible burner (external please) and save me the horrific wait. This is important and you'll feel good about yourself for helping one who really, really needs it!

So, it's Sunday, my one day off this week (ugh!), and I'm going to spend it noodling on the Internet, watching the Sunday news features, e.g. Meet the Press, The Week with George Stephanopoulous (sp?), et al.

Beyond that, I'm too broke to contemplate doing anything that takes money to participate so I'll probably watch the clouds float across the sky and enjoy the brief cool-off we're experiencing in the Panhandle.

Actually, the weather has been unusually mild of late. We've had nighttime temperatures dipping into the 60s already, unheard of in the eight years I've inhabited this dusty chunk of earth. Today's high is expected to reach only 69 degrees which, for me, is sublime. But I'm sure we'll return to those oppressively hot days that are the norm here right through October.

And so it goes.

I'm played out for now but I shall return. Meantime, check this out: A mad Englishman's Web site (you'll see what I mean if you check it out).

Here's wishing you a peaceful, sexy Sunday.


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