Sunday, August 31, 2003

So much toxin floating in the air, the water, in your bloodstream, it's amazing that we survive another minute. But no one seems worried. Most people seem to ignore the evidence that scientists and other experts who know a few things about what's what present. WHY? I've got a clue, but it's only my POV. We've become slaves to the media, the politicians and the military complex – not to mention the corporate tribal leaders who determine who lives and who dies financially.

The Bush administration has sold us down the river, folks, and if you don't believe just sit back and do nothing. Soon enough you'll have the river of sh*# flowing right up to YOUR door.

Environmental regulations are being snuffed out like candles in a hurricane everyday; quietly, surreptitiously for the most part. The Republican party corporate hackmasters and their puppets, the politicians, are pushing the boundaries of sensibility outward into the absurd. Just look at what Bush's administration has done thus far: The EPA is all but dead; plant emission regulations have been loosened to the point that they're a sham; clear-cutting forests is being presented as a rationale, earth-friendly thing to do despite outcries from biologists and earth scientists worldwide; Bush shunned the Kyoto Treaty, not even showing the courtesy of explaining his reasons, other than to say it's counterproductive for U.S. industries to participate in the effort to reduce greenhouse gases; and so on and so on ad infinitum.

What you don't know is just how far it's gone and how far it's going to go before the Bushmeister is through.

The war in Iraq was a sideshow performed by the military to enhance its budgets while diverting public attention from the political maneuvers perpetrated by the administration. The broad ramifications are so far-reaching it's mind-boggling!

The world cannot sustain the consumption people have come to expect. We expect to drive gas-guzzling vehicles anywhere we choose, eat till we burst our belts; buy throw-away goods for the sake of ego gratification, not the betterment of our lives. We've grown so far from our roots, the earth that bears us through space and time, that we stand the risk of becoming cyborgs ourselves.

It wouldn't surprise me if some actually choose to become bio-mechanical beings, something akin to the creatures that stalk the darkness in Tool videos.

C'est la vie, eh?


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