Saturday, August 16, 2003

DOWN THE LINE THE LIE GOES BLIND AND THAT'S WHEN YOU'LL OPEN YOUR EYES Just got in from work and in this lonely little shell of a room I write this simple-minded gibberish to the vacuum of space behind your face.

Face; the spinal frontier (imagine the Star Trek theme playing). Our mission: To travel through schizophrenic episodes to meet new life forms, advance the knowledge of bipolar disorders and get a good deal on a used Toyota. (Hmmm/hmm/hmmmm/hmm/hmmm/hm/hmmm/hmmm). Fly with the the manic crew of the starship Entahpwize to see new vistas, lose touch with your body parts and discover new worlds in dark alleys among the denizens of the universe.

Clearly I'm fried like a two-day-old potato left in hot grease so I'd better sign off for now.

Here's bidding you fondeau, or fond deux, whichever comes first, so to speak.

My God! I get to sleep late tomorrow! Hallelujah.

This is your captain wishing you a funny rerun of "Saturday Night Live." However, barring that unlikely scenario, check out "Mad TV." Works for me.


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