Friday, February 20, 2004

A quickieTwo killed in 30-car pileup yesterday during a dust storm. We had a brown-out complete with howling wind - which I think is what really caused the multiple wrecks. The spooky sound of the whistling wind distracted the drivers, spinning their memory banks into bizarre worlds of B-grade horror movies. Sad ain't it.

And now it's Kerry and Edwards which, I think, will be the Democratic ticket for president and vice president (in the order presented). Somehow I sense echoes of Bush 41 and Mr. Potatohead.

It's Friday and my schedule is completely screwy for the next four weeks. This week I get a 3-day weekend, a freakish anomaly given my employer - huge corporate media company. Heartless, soulless monster that it is!

And that's about it.


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