Monday, February 02, 2004

What's with these politicos? For that matter, what's with my crummy Monday nights?

I see the run between Kerry and Dean growing more antagonistic which, of course, the Republicans will use against whomever emerges as the Democratic candidate. Lots of pundits say that a Kerry-Edwards ticket could be a winner. Well, maybe. But we have to give Dean his props' for energizing the Democratic Party, a party that was wobbling aimlessly before Dean began putting Bush on notice that his whacky policies were not going unnoticed. So kudos to Dean, no matter what happens.

But the fact that Kerry is reportedly the largest rercipient of big-business donations is unsettling, especially since Kerry has a large plank in his platform claiming he's against corporate favoritism.

I agree with Dean's statements on yesterday's "Meet the Press" interview when he said that the revelation of corporate nest-feathering was infuriating when Kerry is claiming to be the candidate for the little guy. Promises, promises, promises - then come the broken promises. One gets the impression that Dean is the real deal and would try to do exactly what he says he plans to do if he gains the White House.

But his temperment has become his albatross, despite most of the rhetoric about his ill-temper being fabrication and hyperbole. I doubt Dean would accept a vice president offer should Kerry's momentum carry him to the convention with more delegates than Dean, so I hope that Dean wins one this week and reignites his campaign.

Far as my lousy Monday evenings, it's simply that I'm broke and unable to enjoy the nightlife - hell, I can't even afford to drive to Target to pick up a color cartridge for my printer. Coupled with the fact that I haven't heard from my girlfriend since early this afternoon, and I asked her to call me so we could hang out together and, of course, she hasn't, has me bummed out.

Whew! So, that's the sorry tale today. Likely things will look different tomorrow, as they often do, and my attitude will improve. One hopes.

Meantime, good luck to you.


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