Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Well, the hijacking of America continues.
Isn't it strange that the Bush administration is falling all over itself to lavish cash on Iraq and its citizens, but grows selfish when it comes to restoring New Orleans, an American city, to its former condition?
Oh I know that many GOP faithful will say 'Hell, why should we rebuild New Orleans at all when the people there don't bother to take care of themselves,' but I'd remind those people that the president pledged to spend whatever it takes to restore New Orleans to its pre-Katrina glory. I guess his word is only good for the day's news cycle, eh?
Or perhaps he wants to make the citizens of Louisiana suffer a bit more for causing his clumsy, ineptitude to be revealed?
(Sigh ... ) We're spending more to rebuild Iraq than we are to provide our elderly with decent health care. We're spending more in iraq than we spend on our children's education (by billions of dollars!). It's somewhat confusing to me.


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