Sunday, May 07, 2006

Damned DivX!
I signed up for the DivX Crawler back in 2004. Never used the thing and now I can't get logged on to the Web site, and the support tab is a joke. Each time I try to sign in I get an error message, but no option to retrieve my password (which, apparently, has changed because I used the original password issued to me when I paid the fee in '04. Ah hell, what's the use. I'm growing more disillusioned with Internet sales the more I use it.

The real reason I started this entry was sentimentality. I got weepy when "West Wing" ended tonight because it's the next to last episode and I'd really like to see the show continue, at least for another season. I'd like to see what kind of plot twists the writers come up with for the new administration. The potential is there for some interesting forays into the subterranean caverns of D.C. And with a Hispanic president and a vastly changed staff and cabinet, the show could have sprouted wings again! Hell, I never felt like it lost its original sparkle, ya know?
Ah well. As I"ve metioned before, I looked for a dedicated Web site to write NBC to appeal for another season, or sign a petition if one exists, but that went nowhere. (Sigh.)
I will, of course, watch the final episode next week and, I've no doubt, get weepy once again. Good programs are hard to find!
And so it goes. Here's looking at you, kid.