Saturday, October 20, 2007

I am so sick of this adminstration's lies and subterfuge. How the president and vice president stand being themselves boggles my mind! I don't understand how these two men can cause so much needless suffering and bloodshed and act as though they're righteous, God-blessed sages of the New World Order.
It was Poppa Bush who popularized the phrase New World Order, though no one in his administration could ever define what it meant. But from what I can gather, today it means selling America to the highest bidder regardless of their intentions, and it comes with above-the-law powers for anyone who supports the administration's lunatic agenda.
It's crazy that the president is now saber-rattling about Iran, using the same arguments he used with regard to Iraq and Saddam Hussein. If we, as a people, fall for that line of crap again well, then we deserve whatever agonies are visited upon us thereafter, in my humble opinion.


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