Sunday, August 31, 2008

God must be pissed off at the GOP!
Well, Hurricane Gustav is raging in the Gulf of Mexico, threatening to harm thousands of people and demolish wide swaths of land across Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas. And if the right wing evangelicals stay true to form, then they must embrace the underlying, clear meaning of Gustav's appearance just ahead of the GOP's national convention. It means, obviously, that God is angry with the Republican Party! I mean, the evangelicals proclaimed that Hurricane Katrina was God's wrath aimed against New Orleans' loose, sexualized life style, so this must be God's wrath against the GOP, since Gustav is interfering with the party's national convention. McCain is sweating bullets at the implication and, thus, proposing to turn the convention into a fundraiser for the victims of Gustav's mayhem. The outcome (if lots of money is raised and used appropriately) might be wonderful. But the implications suggest that McCain is doing penance for the terrible flub the Bush administration committed when Katrina killed nearly 2,000 American citizens, many of whom could have survived had the government's response been adequate and timely, and nearly destroyed New Orleans. So to the GOP, which is so enamored of and passionate about the evangelical world view, this is a direct rebuke from God. God is pissed at the GOP and Gustav is HIs voice, loudly proclaiming "this party is a mess and its followers are slavish idolators of the first order." Hey, it's not me, it's God's voice that says it. Right?



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