Saturday, November 22, 2008

Watching the Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma game and I think Brent Musberger must be going blind. The old goat couldn't call an accurate play when Batch or another Tech receiver clearly caught the football in bounds and had it knocked out of his grasp AFTER hitting the ground by the defensive player. It was a ridiculous call by the referees but an even more ridiculous call by Musberger because he got to watch it in slow-motion several times and never even mentioned that the defensive player landing on top of the Tech receiver knocked the ball loose AFTER the catch!
C'est la vie. Tech is struggling with the Oklahoma defensive line for the moment but Harrell needs to snap off a few quick-route passes for completions and put a scoring drive together and all will be well. It's only 7-0 Oklahoma at the moment. So if Tech can hold them to a field goal or better and keep the score close before the half than it's still ON!
But Tech must settle down and start executing plays on both sides of the ball. What's critical right now is that the defense must make a good play -- an interception would be excellent!
Damn! Oklahoma scored a TD on simple sweep run. Tech's defense looks logy, slow and clumsy right now. What's up? I wonder if it's not that Leach is cowed by his coaching mentor on the other side of the field and his weakness is being transmitted to the players???
Football is a weird freakin game!
Looks like defense is going to have to kick-start Texas Tech's game. The offense is disjointed and taking too long to develop plays. I don't understand why Leach can't figure out that he's got to call some fast-snap plays to break loose from the Oklahoma defensive attack. Every Tech play is taking way too long to develop and Leach seems content to allow it to go on at that pace, at least that's how it appears to me.
OK. Now it's 21-0 and Oklahoma is having an easy time of it. Tech didn't come to play, apparently. Too bad. I really had hoped it was Tech's year after beating Texas and Oklahoma State. But right now, Tech looks like the old choke team of old. The teams whole season will be for naught if they get blown out tonight, and it's looking more and more like that's what's going to happen.
LIfe goes on. Go Tech!
Oh well. This game is all but over! And there's still a whole half to go yet. And Tech trails 42-7. Ugh! Oklahoma looks unstoppable against a weak, unorganized Tech defense. And Harrell and the offensive team is ineffectual and seemingly scared of the Oklahoma defense. Yup. It's the old Texas Tech Red Raiders that showed up in Norman tonight. Looks like the season will be 10-1 by the end of the game. And with such a pounding laid on the players, I"m not sure they can come back for the final game of the season. Hell, the way they're playing, a high school team could probably hold its own against the Tech team on the field tonight!
So, Happy Thanksgiving to all. And Happy Holidays, too!


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