Friday, February 22, 2013

GOP hitched its wagon to a falling star

If one thing is true in this world, it's that the chickens come home to roost. Another simple truth is, you reap what you sow, and it appears that the Grand Old Republican Party is reaping its just rewards for being two-faced, shallow, simplistic, overly impulsive, and phony. In short, the GOP is in disarray because it hitched its wagon, its hopes for future election wins, to a group of WASPs who want to turn back the clock and pretend it's 1950. 
The so-called Conservative Party is at odds with the grassroots Tea Party because, in fact, the Tea Party is living in a fantasy world where Jesus is king, government is soiled linen, and bootstrap mentality - in both inferences, the whip your behind meaning and the "pull-up by" meaning - is noxious to the majority of Americans who have IQs above 65.
So now, having dropped their drawers for this minority grassroots bunch of fantasists who want to tear down the wall between church and state and institute the same religiously-associated government enjoyed so much by our bretheren in the Middle East - ever heard of Sharia (sp?) law - so now the GOP is trying to quietly slink out the back window while the Tea Party makes breakfast.
Sorry folks. When you join a group for any reason other than genuine, you're bound to get things out of joint and twisted. The Republican Party is not the Tea Party, nor was it ever (I don't know where the chant "We want our country back" came from, but I've often wondered, "What country is that?"
I live in America, where an egalitarian republic is the reigning form of government, and where democracy dictates that majority rules, but the minority has a voice. Amen.
The GOP lost track of the majority will, and has gone so far down that foggy Tea Party road that it's hard-pressed to regain a footing in political reality, not to mention everyday reality for most of us. 
C'est la vie!


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