Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Jeez, fall has crept in. It's the first time since I've lived on the South Plains that the August weather hasn't been hot, hot and hotter, then hot again. With a few thunderstorms thrown in.
Cool, blue-sky days have moved into the region and it's a welcome, if strange, experience.
But enough of that mundane blather.
America's wicked, wild and weird political season is in full throat and roaring the usual pathologically tilted phrases, salted with snappy, inane buzz words.
With the GOP pandering to anyone who'll listen, its Christian-right base rattles on about "we want our country back," meaning exactly what? Who knows.
I suppose it's an imaginary country that some people believe was founded by men who worshipped Jesus Christ 24-7 and never let a moment to pray go untended. TOTAL FICTION!
Most of the founding fathers couldn't get religion OUT of the political arena fast enough! And most didn't practice church-going ways either.
The Dems are, per usual, blindly bumping into one another as the party faithful weep for the lack of a backbone among its leaders. And the electorate, er, voters, who land on the airwaves appear to be hybrid idiots crossed with nose-picking, dung-flinging baboons.
And, of course, phrases like that brand me an elitist, intelligentsia-worshipping, snobbish know-it-all. The very thing, among many, many things, that the Christian Right hates.
I actually heard a woman at a GOP rally say that the Republican candidate was a better man because "we hate the same things!" Nice when a little honesty slips through the cracks. Eh?
And night falls on the city again.
Back in school for a third semester, I'm tired just thinking about it. The amount of energy it takes to get my brain into gear has risen exponentially with age, and I'm finding it harder and harder to fuel the engine.
But, c'est la vie.


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