Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump: The biggest conman in America today!

For those of us who are baffled by the Svengali-like allure of Donald Trump on the poor, middle-class voters, there is such a huge chasm between reason and emotion relative to the "reasons" that Trump supporters give for their embracing the bad boy in politics today.
Odd that most of his supporters come from the poor - particularly since Trump has NOTHING in common with anyone who has ever lived paycheck to paycheck; yet the folks I've heard in media interviews pledge largely blind allegiance to the Trumpeting Trump.
I've yet to hear anyone, including Trump, give logical, thoughtful reasons for supporting Trump's platform, and the reason for that is obvious - he has no platform.
He has no economic policy, no foreign policy, no social policy, no environmental policy - no policy that I can discern.
And despite having watched the chest-thumping, browbeating contests where Trump has bullied his opponents during  so-called "debates," that were little more than ridicule-feats - an arena where Trump is comfortable and at home, having been a proponent of WWF, he could really shine - "Me Tarzan, you Jane. Shut-up and get on your knees, bitch!"
That is not hyperbole, I'm sorry to say, it's actually a typical Trumpism. Ugly statements that he likes to throw around like the words have no meaning.
I was gobsmacked when he said, [paraphrasing] "I could shoot somebody in Time's Square and not lose any support," and he truly believes that statement, as is clear by his behavior. And why not? It appears he has aroused a segment of the electorate that is foaming at the mouth for conflict, confrontation, and bullying anyone who doesn't agree with their messiah, the great Trumpeter of Donald, the Trump.
The state of politics in America today is so disheartening and frightful that I wonder if we the people will vote to destroy the Constitution in the name of a punch in the nose policy, linked to a "women are sex toys and dimwits" standard of manliness.
Trump's "manliness" is a farce that is turning into a terrible reality. And I don't hesitate to compare his popularity to that of Hitler in 1938, when he too hypnotized the German people with rhetoric filled with saber-rattling, chest thumping, divisiveness, and hate - appealing to the sad outcome of World War I.
Trump has tapped into the unruly, thoughtless, pissed off, simple-minded mob of people who feel disenfranchised and ignored, left behind by politicians, CEOs and bankers. And that is understandable, even reasonable in the face of backbreaking burdens and little hope of improvement. Yet, the best thing about America, and Americans, is the ability to resolve problems with determination, creativity and dignity, without the loud-mouthed, belligerence typical of bar brawlers.
But it appears that the Mafia has finally climbed into the electorate's driver's seat on the Republican caravan, so to speak.
Trump's belittling of women, his discriminatory statements targeting minorities and certain religious followers, and his confrontational rhetoric is appalling in the context of a presidential candidate. He is a pugnacious and aggressive know-it-all - who has nothing substantive to say when it comes to the nation's future.
"You can fool all of the people some of the time; some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." I pray that Lincoln's wisdom holds true in this presidential election cycle.
We simply cannot afford to have a man like Donald Trump ascend to the office of president of the United States. He's better off on TV, portraying himself and uttering, "You're fired!" than he is as a political/social leader.


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