Thursday, March 18, 2004

My teeth hurt! Ouch! Aging sucks!
It's too early in the morning for me to be attempting to make sense out of this world but here goes anyway.
Another bomb exploded in Baghdad today and I'm sickened by the carnage. Why people think that killing others is a righteous way to get their point across I'll never understand. I'm no fool and I've seen much in this world that is grotesque and disgusting, but the latest cadre of terrorists is one of the most offensive bunch of lunatics in my memory of this planet's fomenting human societies.
I'm tired of hearing about American soldiers and foreign workers being blown to bits in Iraq by shadowy gangs of thugs that want to unravel the slowly coalescing government that's struggling to emerge from the post-Saddam nation. What is it that these killers are offering the people of Iraq in place of the vision of the future government - hazy though it be at this moment?
From what I can grasp, they offer nothing but subjugation by a perverted interpretation of Islamic law and Moslem tenets. They are, in word, nuts!
Sadly, the killing will continue, I'm sure. What purpose the U.S. military will ultimately serve is unclear, thanks to a policy by the Bush administration of obfuscation and quick-draw diplomacy, but it's sure as the sun rising in the east that many more of America's best will die in that hot, sandy, sad nation.
What will Kerry do if elected president? I haven't a clue. I know he cannot possibly pull the troops out of Iraq, not in good conscience, but I believe that's what he'd like to do, given the opportunity. Bush is stiff-necked about controlling the ground in that battered country so giving the U.N., which I think the administration views with disdain, at best, and with utter contempt at worst, is out of the question so long as the president and his 'crew' hold the reins of power. But I'll give Bush this - he's consistent. He consistently shows how inept and heavy-handed he is when it comes to world pollitics. I do not believe Bush is stupid, or even ignorant, but I do believe he's arrogant and given to fits of dictator-like ideas about how the world should work.
If Kerry doesn't make a strong, clearly stated argument about his policy toward Iraq, Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden and his ilk, and the relationships we, as a nation, maintain worldwide, I believe he'll have his ass handed to him in November. He must spell out his plan for the war on terror, the economy and the disasterous Social Security and Medicare issues and speak plainly about the direction he wants to take the nation. Attacking Bush will not get him elected!
Besides, there are plenty of plebians who'll give voice to opposing viewpoints when it comes to Bush '43, so Kerry should hone his focus on those several issues that most concern the voting public.
Not that my opinion counts for anything, but there it is.
Time to lay me down for a bit. I have to hassle with SBC telephone service later today (ergh!) about this damn bill they're trying to hang me with this month. Since they've transferred their operation to India the billing service has become a nightmare! I don't know from month to month what I'll be charged and when I try to get an explanation I cannot understand what the hell the person on the phone is saying, given that I'm not fluent in Urdu or whatever dialect the SBC rep uses.
"I am sorry sir, but you seem not to be wanting to hear what I'm saying to you. Do you not see that this is your bill and you owe this money for sure, honestly. We do not make error, no, no. This is true. We do not." Uh, yea. Sure. Got it.


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