Friday, August 07, 2009

The GOP's tired old ad-hominum attack strategy is still effective, though, thankfully, far less so than it was 20 years ago, or even eight years ago.
Notice how the conservative or right-wing talk show hosts constantly sneer at President Obama as "the anointed one," and how they state that, once opposing viewpoints are presented to Obama, "he just can't take it."
The Republican Party is using the oldest trick in the book to deflect notice from the fact that none among its number have offered a viable, realistic option for the most pressing problems facing our nation today.
No healthcare plan – other than the same recycled "personal savings accounts" proposal floated back in 1993; no plan for Social Security's long-term survival, no plan for America's future as a major power in a world that's suffering from religious, racial, and economic violence, with no end in sight. Republicans offer no solutions for the issues of youth pregnancy, rampant STDs among teenagers, an over-priced, over burdened healthcare system that IS NOT the "best in the world," as the GOP cheerleader/talk show hosts are fond of repeating.
Nothing concrete or workable is coming from Republicans in Congress, so their political strategy boils down to attacking individuals' personalities – arguing against "radical change" that Obama's "Marxist" administration is "trying to ram down the throats of the American people." Never mind that it was a Republican president and Republican Congress that led us down the road of government bailouts. This crass policy that relishes demonizing individual politicians is dangerous and harmful, not only to the person being attacked but to the body politic in America. The thoughtless drones (read Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, et al) whose voices seem to dominate the radio airwaves and Fox TV, whose talking points are crafted by hardcore GOP politicos – not from their own minds – don't give a damn if the nation falls apart or dissolves into civil strife of the highest order. For them, I believe, it's all about ratings, ad revenue and self aggrandizement (most important).
The talk show fat cats who robotically regurgitate the vacuous GOP talking points du jour have nothing of substance to discuss. Rather they simply sneer at and ridicule Democrats' ideas and proposals, regardless of the issue. And at this junctue in our history, ad hominum logic applied to politics is insanity, especially in a nation that's struggling with widespread job loss, international threats from all quarters, an economy that's still teetering on the edge of depression and a healthcare system that's gone crazy! We the people need leaders who lead, courageous politicians who put the nation ahead of personal gain. And, not least of all, we need HONESTY inside our government. So, if what you want is leaders who resort to name-calling, ugly slurs aimed against individuals and silly, sophomoric criticisms aimed at character assassination, not reasoned argument, then the GOP is the party for YOU.
But if you hope that America will rise from the slag heap that President Bush II left us, if you pray that the nation will begin to see new jobs created and embrace renewed hope for a strengthened American patriotism, as well as a desire for scientific and educational excellence and a society that values its children and its aged, then you might want to go another way, politically speaking. I'm not suggesting that the Democratic Party is the only option, either. Of course, Libertarians and Independents are out there, and some have great ideas. And maybe, just maybe, someone could come up with a fifth or sixth alternative political party that could give the old two-party system a run for its money. What matters to me is that the nation makes a course correction NOW, not later, and that the new course includes the aforementioned objectives. We really do have to come together to "form a more perfect union" or what union we now enjoy, I fear, will fly apart, overburdened by political leaders whose stock-in-trade is 100 percent bull$@*!, bitterness and empty rhetoric. Have a great weekend :)


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