Friday, September 19, 2003

Aaargh!! This place is nutz tonight (not unlike most nights). We have people taking football scores and eating pizza and freaks like me writing headlines and polishing copy - and so it goes.

I am fatigued beyond all recognition and my mind has been wandering all evening, so tonight's work has been ragged, to say the least.

BUT, I begin a 4-day R&R period soon as I get out of this place tonight (thank the gods).

Obviously, I'm writing this from work (and this damn F key is sticking so badly I have to pound it with enough force to crack plywood (ouch!) to get a uckin' F to appear.

riday night and I feel (ah, there's an f now ...) like a crispy critter. The Dems now have nine (?) candidates in the running against the Bushmeister which, I believe, weakens their already unlikely chances of beating the incumbent president during a time of war - even if it is a worldwide guerrilla war.

uck this! My ingers are killing me, I've done too much typing tonight, so I'll sign off while I've still got feeling in my hands.

Back at ya.


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