Monday, March 29, 2004

Hannity is a twist-neck, dingledorf, forked-tongued, double-speak conservative with no moral fiber or rational argument when it comes to touting of the mystical glory that emanates from the GOP, as opposed to his description of the slimy, grimy Democrats he so loves to denigrate.

Sean Hannity talks out both sides of his neck! It's true! Today, in the same breath, he talked about how hard the Bush administration's cabinet works; the long hours they put in, the sacrifices they make for the safety of the nation, and the thankless job of protecting America's citizens that they do; then he berated Richard Clarke (sp?) for his 30-year tenure inside the Washington Beltway. For him, the long hours Clarke put in add up to 30 years of ineptitude and mishandling EVERYTHING while WASTING taxpayer dollars. Whereas, for the GOP's long hours indicate patriotic commitment to duty, God and country!

Hannity ought to take the nickname 'Hillary' Hannity, or Sean 'Clinton' since he now vigorously espouses a left-wing conspiracy is in play – the same thing Hillary claimed about the GOP/right-wing when the Clintons ruled the roost.

But, of course, his criticism and cynical jabs at Mrs. Clinton for her belief in a right-wing conspiracy go unmentioned as he blathers on and on about the liberal media's agenda, which, by Hannity's take, is to destroy Bush at all cost (pure crap!). Then he rants about the sneaky, Democratic plot to put ringers on the radio or TV or in print (the victims of 9-11, of course, were coached by the Dems to think and say the negative things they think and say about G.W. Bush).

And his viewpoint is the ONLY Fair and Balanced viewpoint – any who disagree are either misanthropes, liberals or just plain stupid!

I don't understand how anyone who listens to Hannity for more than 30 minutes can't see through the man's ideological juggling of facts, twisted inferences or irrational arguments in support of Bush's policies. To hear him tell it, every policy Bush has implemented is perfect, flawless and the only path to travel if we hope to have peace and prosperity in the world.

He actually suggested that all liberals favor al-Qaida and support the destruction of America and its people. I found that bit of drivel profoundly repugnant.

But then again, that's how the man makes his money – controversy is his stock-in-trade and nothing more. He is not a thinker, a patriot nor a leader. He's a talk show host with a blind allegiance to the GOP's right-wing ideologues.

And so it goes.
Sometimes when I listen to Hannity or Limbaugh or O'Reilly I get this foreboding feeling in the pit of my stomach because these guys sound a lot like the propagandists who promoted Sen. McCarthy's "Red Scare" campaign in the late '40s and early '50s. My hope is that the new Air America radio programming will have a balanced but vigorous retort for these wanna-be rednecks in Armani suits. I'm looking forward with great anticipation to the early broadcasts from the liberal talk show jocks. Maybe other voices on the airwaves can bring some semblance of balance to the garbage currently proliferated by the GOP's mouthpieces.

So Mr. Hannity, get that second mouth in your neck sewn shut, won't you? While it's befitting for a lizard like yourself to have a forked-tongue, it really proves the argument that you're full of s*&# when you use both of them together.


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