Saturday, December 25, 2004

Creativity is a river that flows through the human spirit — through you and me and them — and should be allowed to flow unfettered by censorship, fear or religious ideology!

I'm sick of the phony spiritualists and evangelicals who claim domain over God through their special brand of faith. These people are blinded by their own ideological mindsets. People, I guess, must have to believe in some sort of construct that allows them to wrap their minds around concepts that have no limits or boundaries, e.g. God, infinity, creation, miracles. But they go out of bounds and become that which they despise if they allow their ideology to subsume their reason. We've eaten from the tree of knowledge, that cannot be changed. What can be changed is our perspectives, our points of view and attitudes toward others.

Too often religious zeal becomes a rallying cry for carnage and death; witness the jihad against all things American; witness the anger and rage that spews from so-called Christians who espouse the eradication of "queers" and/or people who don't conform to their belief systems. It's a mess and one that leads only to pain and sorrow.

I would rather go through life without religion blinding me to the reality that is God, than have all the support in the world from people who're willing to destroy others in God's name.

So f#!* you, all you wolves in sheep's clothing who chant gleefully at executions; all you fools who bow down to icons that represent separation and disunity. Wars, perhaps, are inevitable for myriad reasons, though I wonder if there's ever been a just war. Maybe somewhere inside the madness that is war a greater is guiding the hearts of some warriors; perhaps the better lights of our existence are fueled by some wars. But is this war in Iraq really comparable to World War II, where a tyrannical madman threatened the stability of ALL nations and, specifically, the lives of ALL Jews?

Hitler probably needed killing; Saddam Hussein probably needs killing; but is his life worth that of the thousands of non-combatants who're paying the ultimate price for a righteous goal? I don't know.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


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