Monday, November 01, 2004

Well, it's finally here! Time to elect a president!

I'm glad I voted last week because I have a feeling the lines are going to be especially long tomorrow - election Tuesday. I'm sure we'll be in for a long night at the newspaper as the polls report and the night wears onward, and I hope that we have a CLEAR winner so the nation isn't thrown into a cauldron of boiling lawsuits and judicial fiasco as it was in 2000.

Supreme Court's idiocy aside, I feel that we're going to get a change come Wednesday morning. I believe that Sen. Kerry will be named the next president of the United States! Of course, if Bush gets the Evangelicals to go to the polls and pulls the shenanigans the GOP pulled in Florida in 2000, than we could definitely be in for a nightmarish legal brouhaha.

Everything aside, go vote if you're eligible. Whomever you decide is best equipped to lead our nation, it's important that you participate for both candidates! So please, go vote.

Well, that's my spiel for now. I'm preparing, psychologically, for tomorrow night's workload (always tedious during a national election) and trying to stay upbeat about our political system, though I'm somewhat disheartened by the current trend that's been in play for four years now.

But that's another story. Hope you had a Happy Halloween 2004. It's gone, and now we have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to (hooray, ugh!).


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