Monday, April 12, 2004

Air America - finally voices from liberals and moderates that may balance the scales of sanity and reason (or try to) against the spittle-flinging, ranting, irrational, narrow-minded, right-wing conservative talk show hosts who propose that anything the GOP or Bush does originates from God, while everything the Dems do is sent straight from hell.

Well, I finally found the AirAmerica radio/Web site - Al Franken, at the moment, is talking about the Medicare prescription drug bill that lines the pockets of big insurance's CEO's and stockholders.

Franken says the cost of the bill will be $550 billion, an amount that is causing an uproar among the GOP and the the Rush Limbaugh crowd because it smacks of liberalism - meaning it's money spent to help the aged, the poor or the disenfranchised. Just think of all the bombs, bullets and high-tech weaponry we'll be undercutting by providing our elderly prescription drugs.

"The O'Franken Factor" with Kathyrn Lamper (sp?) airs between noon and 3 p.m. EST. Check it out if you can. it's worth a listen!

Meantime, it's Monday and I'm off work so I have nothing to do but A. Hang out and hang loose; B. Worry about the bills I have to pay with the meager paycheck I receive; C. Yearn for love and sex; D. Attempt to ladle out a bit of creative word-structures, i.e. poetry, short story, simple rambling, etc; or E. Call my lady friend and ask her if she wants me to help with the flowers. We may get freezing temperatures tonight and she wants her flowers to survive to see another sunny day.

Maybe I'll do all of the above.
I sit here thinking about people, places and events from my distant past and I feel melancholy and fortunate at the same time. I've certainly had more than my share of interesting days and nights, I will admit! Especially my days and nights spent in Carmel by the Sea, California. Beautiful! There's a little house near the bay that once was home to relatives of Teddy Roosevelt ("Bully!"), and where he did a lot of speech writing and eating. A pair of his famous glasses sit perched on a small table that supports an old typewriter and a few books, the titles of which I don't recall.

Franken is on a "banana republic" jag for some reason. He's used the phrase at last four times in the last 15 minutes in reference to America.

I hope we get a station with the cojones to air the show on the radio - though I doubt it will happen since I'm living in the Bible Belt, a bastion to right-wing conservatism. Still, I hope!

It's 1:36 p.m. right now and I'm trying to decide when I should call Debbi. Seems like everytime I call she's in the middle of her exercise routine, which pisses her off and puts me in the doghouse for an hour to two.

Stephen King's "Kingdom Hospital" is definitely better than the Danish? or Netherlands' version, though it was the original. But I hope it picks up the pace a bit. It's moving too slowly! But I'm going to hang with it and give it chance since King pays off more often than not.

Another program that's grabbed my loyal attention is "Deadwood" on HBO. Now I don't get HBO because I can't afford it, but Debbi does so I get to watch it - usually the 11 p.m. feed. Great characters, good acting, fantastic sets and costumes and wonderful scripts, so far. Also worth checking it out if you can.

So that's it for now. Hope your life is blossoming in just the way you'd hoped it would today.

Peace out.


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