Thursday, May 20, 2004

Well, well, the administration has turned around and arrested its major source for details about the inner workings of Saddam Husseins WMDs. Hmmmm.

So, American soldiers stormed Ahmed Chalabi's house this morning and arrested the Bush adminstration's hope for the future vis a vis Iraq. Seems a bit fraudulent for the vice-president, the president and his cabinet to have used this guy as a major source of background information on Saddam, set him up as a de facto ruler (for a moment or two) to replace Saddam, only to learn that he's been selling secrets to the iranians and charging the American taxpayers cash for details he uncovered in volumes of papers he absconded when he was allowed to roam about Baghdad with his own cadre of fighters and scavenge Saddam's palaces.

Really strange thinking happening in Washington, D.C., even by D.C. standards!

And Bush still insists that we attacked Iraq because it was a terrorist nation with the potential to give WMDs to other terrorists.

Fishy! Indeed!


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