Sunday, December 26, 2004

Minority Report is not a myth!

The film "Minority Report" is a beautiful piece of science fiction that captures a possible future that looks more and more possible, given the current climate in America today. We have the Homeland Security Act, which weakens the Bill of Rights considerably, markedly, and with the fear and paranoia the administration is cultivating, indeed, that the GOP will probably use for the next presidential election (or two) it's easy to imagine that law enforcement agencies will be given broad sanctions allowing greater invasive permissions without the process of vetting through a judge. In other words, no need for a warrant of any type to arrest a person or to delve into a person's private life. Already the FBI can pick through your life without your knowledge and without the consent of a judge, all that's required is documentation written by a superior FBI agent and filed in a cabinet in D.C. to allow this type of intrusive exploration without cause.

Don't believe me. Check it out. Read the Homeland Security Act: Version II which Bush signed into law some months ago.

Welcome to the future, where our lives are open books and any properly authorized agent of the government can alter facts about you to make it appear that you're a threat to national security. Scary? I hope so, because without scrutiny we're heading in that direction. And scrutiny is, as we all know, lacking for the most part. Even the press has been cowed by this administration and the politicians and their bosses (corporate monsters) are getting better and better at perfecting scenarios geared to foment panic and mindless fear among the populace, which, in turn, creates the perfect climate for pushing through laws that will/could completely erode the Bill of Rights as we know it today.

Minority Report is not just a great film. It's a vision of the future ala Phillip K. Dick (an unusual writer and human being, for certain) that represents an imminent bearing of fact. But you probably don't want to think about such things, so long as you're getting that $2 million bonus and purchasing your college-age daughter that new Lexus, right?

So let's all sit back, relax, and while our rights are being taken away one by one by one, keep our eyes and mouths shut. I imagine the government will find a drug they can slip into the water system of some small town in Idaho for a start that will put the population into a stuporous state, rendering them all amendable to sub-conscious suggestions, like "your president loves you and has your best interest at heart and can do no wrong. Your president is infallible and you trust him explicitly and completely." Hmmmm. Sounds good if you'd like to live in a world of manufactured fantasy (or nightmare, as I see it).


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