Monday, June 28, 2004

Sweltering in the dark room of my fading life

Whew! Sounds depressing eh? Well, hell, it is and that's a fact. But such is life and who cares anyway? We live in a nation whose time has reached a crossroads. Which road will we choose?

Will we follow the Bushmeister over the cliff of bloody warfare in the name of god? Or will we find another way to alter the seemingly inexorable fall from grace that America is experiencing?

Don't know. Well think about it. If you don't, who will? This is the time and the place. This is the moment and it will never come again.

We're turning over Iraq to the Iraqi's yet we're keeping the 130,000 or so troops in place to keep the peace. And yet, the Iraqi people are supposed to believe that they've attained sovereignty? What a friggin joke! What a sad, shabby charade.

Bush started this war in the name of 9/11 and he had no post-war plan outside the rosy predictions his pal Wolfowitz presented in a paper he wrote in 1997. What a knuckle-headed decision and, yet, there it is. We're gambling on the lives of all those soldiers, not to mention the Iraqis, just because Bush wanted to flex his presidential muscles and push his value system down the throats of a Middle East nation? Crazy!

No one seems to know what's to come of this transition of power, not even the Iraqis themselves. The adminstration crows about the poll that shows the U.N.-picked interim government has a 70-80 percent approval rating among Iraqis. But how long will that last once it becomes apparent that Alawi is going to resemble Saddam Hussein in his brutality, which he will justify in the name of fighting the insurgent groups who're trying to topple the U.S. presence in Iraq?

Ah well. What the hell. It's not your kid, right? And so what if our grandchildren's grandchildren will still be paying for this Bush doctrine well beyond 2050 – hell, that's the price of freedom, right?

Freedom? Oh yea, forgot to mention, you're going to have to give up most of the Constitionally guaranteed freedoms in order to empower the police state that's been tasked with protecting Americans in America and American interests elsewhere in the world. So what are our soldiers fighting for again? I forget?


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