Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Well, it snowed tonight in Lubbock
Yea, it's March 22 and we got our first snowfall of the season here in the Panhandle. It wasn't much to speak of but it was nice while it lasted.
My mind has been so populated by unease and frustration the past week or so I found myself heaving a heavy sigh while standing outside watching the tiny flakes float downward to earth.
Damned insurance company is fouling up my sweetie's meds after five years on the same prescription and the same dosage. But because Medicare Plan D was passed and she's a Medicare recipient, her previous insurer dropped her, forcing her to find a new Medicare provider; in her case Cigna. Well, it turns out that Cigna is just another bureaucratic, money-grubbing, callous, heartless money-machine with no concern for the welfare or health of their clients so long as it doens't get in the way of the company's profit! But because her meds (one particular one) are very expensive, Cigna is blocking her from filling her prescription. Oh, they've paid for one-sixth of the amount prescribed, but they cite a company "policy" that states the amount she's prescribed (remember, she's been on the same dosage and type of medicine for five years now) is not "recognized" as within the bounds of sound medical treatment. Bullsh$@!
The company is disregarding the fact that if she is forced to suffer a marked drop in her meds, it will put her at grave medical risk. The company could care less, it's obvious. So I'm in league with my lady's mother and trying to get an appeal for an exception approved by Cigna (so far they've simply said no to two appeals). We've enlisted a lawyer, although I have very little enthusiasm for the lady's abilities thus far, since we've had nothing in the way of helpful feedback, either legal or otherwise, from the attorney. Bah! I'm just getting pissed off as I write this so I'm going to knock it off.
May the sun shine always upon your face and the wind be ever at your back.