Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm so sick of the polarization in American politics. I'm sick of both the Republican and Democratic parties, whose practitioners are making a mockery of the most beautiful political system in the world. And every voter and citizen blessed to live in this nation ought to be decrying their foolishness and folly. Politics, the political system, is meant to be used, in my opinion, to further the interests of a nation's citizenry in a world forum, not for the enrichment and adulation of politicians.
But the electorate have (has?) relinquished their (its?) responsibilities and left the system to a few small-minded orators and a handful of looney, fringe dwellers who've managed to elevate themselves through media (mostly radio) to the status of all-knowing, all-seeing pundits and prophets.
It's a load of crap!
People seem content to allow a very few to manage the multi-trillion-dollar federal budget and determine the fate of EVERYONE, and it seems to me that it's a system gone badly awry – upside-down.
Unless and until the PEOPLE (you know, as mentioned in the Constitution) rise up and reclaim the right of self-determination, then I'm afraid we're going to find ourselves fighting with our neighbors, refuting our friends, narrowing our possible community relationships and banishing our children to the scrap heap of redundancy and apathy, simply because we've allowed ourselves to believe the lies our "heroes" tell us.
There are no heroes in American politics today!
There are no prophets or seers who have THE answers! The most common among us could glean for ourselves, were we so inclined, the same short-sighted garbage that we worship when it flows from the lips of the Hannities and Limbaughs of the world. Those people have only one agenda, to make money on our misery, confusion and fear. And if you think they're "great Americans" then you're deluded beyond all understanding.
What is a great American? Is it one who believes in smaller government? Is that the sole requisite? Is it one who believes in the welfare state? Is that the imprimatur? Or is it a person who treats his community like a friend and who lives by the golden rule?
The rabid polemics spewed by the right-wing radio pundits come from a philosophy of narrow, mean-spirited attack politics, cursing all who oppose their vision for America. And the liberal intelligentsia, defensive, snobbish, sneering and cynical, do no one any favors by scoffing at those who propose anxiety about the role of government in today's national neighborhood. We have got to find a way to talk constructively about the issues that trouble our souls, sicken our families and murder our fellow Americans. We have got to decide that we are on our side, whether we agree or disagree, we can co-exist and prosper if we allow for variety and differing opinion.
The road we're on today is one of self-destruction and calamity and it's not necessary for us to continue down that path.
I don't believe in political or philosophical homogeneity, nor do I savor lock-step thinking. But I do yearn for harmony in the midst of discord with my fellow Americans, and I know it is achievable.
We don't have to die to learn the meaning of life.