Friday, June 04, 2010

This nation's body politic is ill. Very ill!
I cannot understand how the electorate allows itself, time and time again, to be fooled by blowhards, zealots with a lust for power, liars and just-plain-cheats.
Seems to me that radio personalities are given lofty positions as all-seeing, all-knowing arbiters of truth and politics. Of course, the majority of the "big guns" in radio talk-show formats are right-leaning Republican cheerleaders who unabashedly bash everything the Obama administration does, and I do mean EVERYTHING!
And the listeners seem to suck up the drivel dished out by these lazy, uninformed "personalities" without thinking, which leads to lie upon lie being stacked on top of one another until it's impossible to divine where the first lie began the last lie ended.
Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and others criticize the president and his cabinet every day, without fail.
Their primary weapon is ad hominum attacks based on flimsy allegation or rumor and their genius is in repeating the allegation as if it were writ large in the hall of truth, when in fact truth is absent.
I'm too tired and bleary-eyed to continue.
I just want to say F@*! YOU LIMBAUGH, et al.