Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wow! The battle between good and evil is taking place in South Park. Really!

Since when did Republicans appoint themselves the arbiters of cultural purity? And who made the GOP the ONLY party of rational, clear-minded, sure-footed, all-knowing, wisdom-dispensing, spirit-lifting, omniscient demi-gods?

I am truly baffled by the hordes of retarded doofuses who call in to the several right-wing talk shows currently stinking up the radio airwaves.

So many blathering, inane bottom-feeders ranting about events they know nothing about. Yet they present themselves as informed, intelligent citizens and, with one voice, attack liberals, left-wingers and/or peaceniks as unpatriotic scumbags.

Truly mind-boggling.

Our national forefathers must have realized how tenuous a grip most Americans have on reality when they signed off on democracy as the best model for governing.

They must have known that, so long as the logs of dissent are plentiful the fires of democracy keep on burning. And given our propensity toward violence, dissent would be the one thing that we will have in abundance.

It's a beautiful thing, don't ya know.

Anyhoo, I was driving home from work this evening thinking how idiotic this one guy who called in to whatever talk show I was tuned in to sounded I muttered aloud, "I'm not sure I would risk my life to defend this bozo's rights and welfare." It shocked me into a state of horror. I was ashamed and saddened by my impatience and arrogance. But then I thought, "screw him and all the dickwads like him. Heheheheh."

Well, that's the whole sordid tale, I'm glad to say.

Here's wishing you all a very happy -- (this space available for sale or rent).