Monday, July 10, 2006

Quit the empty-headed babbling and speak plainly
The war in Iraq: Please explain to me how we're furthering the freedom of Americans by killing Iraqis today? This fight for Iraqi liberty, it translates to my freedom how? Are we going to make Iraq the 51st state? Are we adopting Iraq? How can people simply say "We're fighting in Iraq to protect America" and find widespread acceptance, without so much as a "huh?" It boggles the mind. I just don't see how our destroying the infrastructure, the military and the people of Iraq furthers the freedom or liberty of Americans. I, believe me, I've heard the "we fight there so we don't have to fight here" argument, but that's a crock and any thinking person knows that.
I think we're fighting in Iraq to gain control of its oil and, as a side benefit, create an opportunity to exercise our miltary's urban warfare abilities. I think we want a toehold in the Middle East so we can exert influence more directly than we've been able to do heretofore.
Hell, soon as we suffer a successful "next" terror attack on American soil what then? Where does the "over there" argument logically lead?
At any rate, it seems to me that no one has taken the time to think about why we're fighting in Iraq. The "Mission Accomplished" sign hanging behind President Bush back in 2003 looked great, but it turned out to be window dressing.
If we're not fighting in Iraq for oil, which would at least make some sense, albeit, an act of piracy, more or less, then I don't what the hell we're fighting for. Since when do we, America, care so much for the suffering people of the world that we're willing to put our soldiers in harm's way in order to "bring them liberty and the promise of democracy?"
If that's so, when are we going into Syria, Iran, Saudia Arabia, North Korea, Uzbhekistan, Pakistan, et al? Hell, there's lots of bad guys out there who rule through terror and murder. When do we bring liberty to those suffering in Sudan? What are we waiting for? Is our nobility quotient depleted? I don't get it. So someone, please, explain it to me, and please, leave off the political bullshit and catch-phrases. Just give me the reasoned, rational argument. Iraq is NOT Valley Forge and Dubya is NOT George Washington, OK. I love and respect the men and women who serve this nation through military service. I wonder how they explain to themselves this bloodletting? Or do they simply turn off their minds and follow orders?
I just don't know.