Thursday, September 17, 2009

Please, would all you officious political pundits who're striving mightily to derail any substantive debate about America's healthcare system just draw a few clear, unequivocal lines in the proverbial sand? Why not honestly state that the GOP's Conservatives want to deconstruct Social Security and use the funds to bolster the military; that they want to do away with Medicare and Medicaid along with ALL social programs funded with federal dollars and pump that revenue into the military and related industries; and that GOP politicos crave power at least as much as Democrats, and, some at least, seem willing (perhaps anxiously licking their chops is a more apt phrase here) to destroy our system of government to gain it.
While right-wing talk show hosts rant about petty, inconsequential topics (i.e. President Obama's address to the nation's schoolchildren), elevating supposition, prediction and tea leaves to the status of "fact," debate on crushing issues that this country is facing is drowned out by the white noise of the baseless claims and unfounded charges casually thrown out by hard-right Conservative "beards," who're protecting the badly roughed-up Republican Party from too much scrutiny by spraying the airwaves with streams of obfuscation and vitriol directed at the president, the Democrats, and anyone who might ask a thoughtful question about finding solutions for the serious problems our country now bears.
The media
mindlessly regurgitates mangled versions of "historical facts" asserted by loud-mouthed Conservative operatives as it laps up the gaffs, kerfluffles and snafus committed by celebrities and high-profile people. And subsequently, it neglects to provide us one iota of analysis, research or substantive, provable facts that support the outrageous claims being bellowed on our airwaves.
And when any scurrilous lout on the right finds himself in hot water for foot-in-mouth disease, well, he or she is immediately accorded "sainthood" by the GOP lapdogs.
Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., who yelled out, "You lie!" during President Obama's recent speech
about the healthcare bill before the House, (Wilson, apparently, disbelieves the president's claim that the healthcare bill will not cover illegal aliens), has been anointed "America's greatest living statesman," by Ann Coulter, as rabid a neo-con as one will find in the public arena today. And many people simply nod their heads in agreement, not thinking for a second about checking the facts or pursuing alternative paths to information on the subject.
Granted, Democrats in today's federal government are bunch of spineless, aimless sheep who've offered little in the way of original ideas and even less in terms of the courage of their convictions.
And though the GOP is foundering in a sea of incoherent voices, it has no lack of audacity in presenting narrow views about the role government should play in the daily lives of Americans.
I'd simply like to hear some coherent dialogue, both for and against, the proposed reform of America's healthcare system. I'm sick of the vacuous fury and empty thunder.