Sunday, June 29, 2003

Whew! It's another muggy evening and thunder is rumbling above. It's Sunday and I've not a thing to do except fool around on the Internet for now. I've cleaned up my 'cave' for the bug man, who's coming tomorrow to spray the place and save us from tiny critters feeding on our bodies in the night. Speaking of which, I'm intrigued by this new film "28 Hours Later." At least I think that's its title. Not just another zombie movie, according to the director and producer. They tried to enliven the genre by using high-tech processes and a multi-layered story line that is actually moved along by character development, they said. But I'm no longer the horror buff I once was so I don't know if I'll spend the $5 to see a matinee or not.

I'm tired and feeling funky from all the sweat that's rolling off my head right now. The house is like an oven, quite literally, and I'm not privileged to alter the air conditioning setting.

So here I sit, dripping salty moisture from the tip of my nose, shifting back and forth in my chair so I can daub the rivelets of persperation streaming down my back. Damn! I wish it would rain. At least some of the humidity would dissipate with a downpour.

Between the coffee I've ingested and the heat I'm feeling dizzy and discombobulated. C'est la vie.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Jungle rumblings stir the fight-or-flight impulse still embedded in our lizard brain So it's Sunday and I'm recovering from the stress and tension of work. I guess when you get down to it, publishing is about handling deadline stress well enough to push through the fog and still produce diamond-sharp text tucked nicely into a bed of graphics, photos and colors so as to attract the eye of a potential buyer. So I get paid for stress-management. The rest is extraneous frills that I once thought was the crux of the matter. Another Sunday spent anxiously glancing at the clock and wondering 'What should I do to make this day a success - whatever that is?'

I wonder, should I go to the movies? There's really nothing playing I really want to go see. Should I watch this video I rented? I don't much feel like sitting on my bed staring at the boob-tube for 2 hours. Maybe I ought to go for a walk, yea, there's an idea. I can improve my body while soaking in the 90-plus-degree heat and sweltering humidity outside. Hmmm. Maybe not.

Maybe I should just play here in cyberspace for a while and let my befuddled brain sort itself out on its own. Perhaps then something will pop up in my imagination that will fire a will to take action.

Meantime, welcome to my new Blogspot blog. Miles to go before I sleep ....

Jungle rumblings shake the bones and stir the fight-or-flight impulse still embedded in our lizard brain Built like a pear, yea baby! I love pears! I'm starting another blog just to see if my brain can be partitioned - which is to say, can I influence my thinking by creating a different 'cyber-environment?' Well, we'll see. Today is Sunday, 22 June 2003, and I'm restless and tired. It's been a long week at The A-J and I've spent my 'load,' so to speak.

My other blogs will be noted in the links section of this template. But to give you an idea of who you're dealing with here, I'm a copy editor/journalist; a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin; a white male, age 52; a baby boomer and a disaffected freak (I did the Berkeley thing in '68 ... ); a hustler, a gypsy, a Pisces and a writer. Hi.