Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Take off the mirror on your head

When it all becomes too much to handle, just slip off the mask and look outside.
when it all grows too heavy to carry, just put the bucket down.
When the cross cuts too deeply into your neck and shoulders, drop it and walk away.
Should the horrors and sorrows pull you under, just relax and float awhile.
Nothing in this world is more than anything in your head - it's all the same.
Everything in this world belongs to you - only, you cannot own it since it cannot own you.
Balance is slow, fast, tilted, skewed, and cross-eyed.
Balance is perfect. Imperfect if you let it be.
Balance is important, though I'm not sure why.
Mostly, I want to see through my own lies so I can find something inside worth living for, and worth embracing.
Life is a miracle - a constant miracle that spreads far beyond my perceptions of this world.
But I'm smiling, so that's something.