Saturday, December 17, 2005

I have a proposal. I suggest that George W. Bush be recruited as president of Iraq. He seems to care more about the voters in that country than he does those in the U.S. So let's just send Bush over to Iraq, place him at the head of the government and bid him farewell. He provides the Iraqis with billions of dollars, a military to protect THEIR RIGHTS, and a national business model a'la Haliburton, Kellogg, Brown & Root, et al, and spends limitless lives on forging freedom for Iraqis! So hell, let's put him where he is doing the most good in this world.
He promised to spend whatever it takes to rebuild New Orleans, but now he's backing off (not that I think rebuilding New Orleans is such a good idea -- it's just another example of the Bush spin-and-grin); he promised to protect Americans from terrorists but he does as little as possible to monitor the nation's ports and borders; and he gives the rich every tax break they request, and many they don't even want, but he slams the American middle class and poor every chance he gets; i.e. the bankruptcy law, the Medicare/Medicaid cuts, the disastrous slashing of the food stamp program and other support systems for single mothers (primarily). The pattern of Bush's vision for America is clear; kill the poor and middle class off and leave the rich alone to do whatever they wish. The ridiculous trickle-down economic model is just that -- ridiculous. Jobs are not created because rich people get to keep more of their money. I don't object to rich people keeping ALL their money; I object to politicians selling the baloney argument that cutting taxes for the rich, while placing the burden of paying the government's bills on those less able to pay, is good for America. Bullsh*#!
So if you love America and believe that the Constitution is a remarkable document that forms the foundation for the best government in the world, then support George W. Bush for president of Iraq; hell, we'll even pay his airfare and send his family -- all of them -- with him.
Now isn't that a Christmas wish worth having?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Well, the hijacking of America continues.
Isn't it strange that the Bush administration is falling all over itself to lavish cash on Iraq and its citizens, but grows selfish when it comes to restoring New Orleans, an American city, to its former condition?
Oh I know that many GOP faithful will say 'Hell, why should we rebuild New Orleans at all when the people there don't bother to take care of themselves,' but I'd remind those people that the president pledged to spend whatever it takes to restore New Orleans to its pre-Katrina glory. I guess his word is only good for the day's news cycle, eh?
Or perhaps he wants to make the citizens of Louisiana suffer a bit more for causing his clumsy, ineptitude to be revealed?
(Sigh ... ) We're spending more to rebuild Iraq than we are to provide our elderly with decent health care. We're spending more in iraq than we spend on our children's education (by billions of dollars!). It's somewhat confusing to me.

Friday, December 02, 2005

There's something weird about the Christmas season. The way people begin behaving is out of sync with the way they act the rest of the year, and that's weird! It's as if people really do think that Santa Claus is watching, so they start acting the way they think Santa might want them to. Oh, it's fine, I guess. If fewer acts of violence occur because someone wants a present or if less abuse of men and women goes on during the month, well, so be it. It's just weird. That's all.