Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stumbling past Armageddon ...

Well, Dec. 21 came and went, as uneventful a day as I've seen in 62 years.
So the doomsayers proved themselves wrong again, true to the rich history of multiple inaccurate prophecies predicting the "end of the world."
C'est la vie." heheheheheh.
Thus, the more mundane issues that our nation faces move the front of the line, per usual, and we citizens of America have our front row seats to the Bull@*$! Bowl that our Congress has become.
Our politicians (we Americans), are being foolish, short-sighted and reckless with our middle-class to poor lives, and we should not tolerate any more of the nonsense they shovel under the guise of political representation, any more than we tolerate a manufacturer of (put any product here) who brags, "ours is the best by far," or "we make a perfectly safe product."
Specious, empty-headed lies are the currency that U.S. politicians trade like baseball cards. And the result is, the economy tanks, the people wind up homeless and hungry and half crazed, and our future grows dimmer by the hour.
It seems to me that it's upside-down and has been for the past two decades.Republicans and Democrats chase political power for its own sake, while ignoring real problems that require a political solution.
If the crew in D.C. can't come up with a compromise bill to forestall or even eliminate the "fiscal cliff" scenario, then they all should be fired immediately!!!
The only problem is, the party bosses want to make hay at the expense of the other party, and the members (the elected members) dance to the tune of the bureaucrats who run the party machines.
We cannot allow the bickering between our two major parties to put our government into free fall, or to sideline the business of the people for the foreseeable future because of an ideological dogma that has nothing to do with reality.
Reality - people are hungry, people are homeless, people are struggling to make ends meet, and all the while, the ultra rich get a pass on everything - from taxes to murder.
Why not increase the federal tax on the ultra-rich by a few percentage points (they CAN afford it) if it will strengthen our government? It most certainly will NOT damage our fiscal bottom line.
The GOP likes to forget that the only reason it exists is to do participate in our political system (governmental agencies) and, when elected, to conduct the business of the people, NOT to line the pockets of wealthy constituents in the name of cronyism, payback or favoritism. It's wrong, it's immoral and it's a false argument that deserves an energetic kick in the the butt.