Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Among the several "conservative," right-wing talk show hosts that stink up the airwaves is a loud-mouthed lout named Marc Levine (Mark? whatever!) This guy is an insult-slinging, name-calling basher who targets the president, the Democrats in Congress and all "liberals," whom he labels socialists, communists, left-wing wingnuts, etc. Levine is not heavy in the language department, so he resorts to a Southern-preacher-like tempo in his delivery, speaking a little faster with each word until he builds to a shouting volume and punctuates his sentences with a final "those idiots! There, I said it!" He seems to think that his insights, and I use the term ironically, plumb depths that most folks are incapable of imagining. He also seems to think that he's a military leader of sorts (he calls his office "the Bunker") and never fails to trumpet his audience ratings while sneering at the lower ratings of such "lefty, pinko bastions of idiocy" as MSNBC, which is likes to call "MSLSD." His humor is geared to amuse himself and a narrow range of Neanderthals of like mind. Well, Marc Levine, YOU"RE AN IDIOT! THERE, I SAID IT! Your low-brow brand of conversation is wretched and nauseating, not to mention mind-numbingly boring.