Thursday, September 13, 2012


It's been one of those days when I'm so out of sorts that I'm fighting with myself to quiet the negativity that's trying to rule the scattered conversation in my head!
Man, I'm so cranky and tired and achy and sore and people are being complete numbskulls (well, a few people) so it was all I could do not to SCREAM in a few faces. I do not suffer fools lightly. So what? Who cares?
I've prayed to the invisible one though He/She doesn't seem to hear me, but Who, I amuse myself with by believing He/She is a benevolent, all-powerful god who has an eye on my little life, when it seems pretty clear to me that the opposite is true.
Aaarrgh! I'm sick of Aaron Rogers picking apart the Chicago Bears while Bears quarterback, Shiftless Dipsquat Stumble-Slug (whatever) mugs for the TV cameras, as if to say "hell, we suck, and I know it."
He appears to be planning the next 5 years of golfing while his teammates are getting their guts kicked out! NOT Classy!
Far as the goons who murdered the U.S. ambassador in Libya on Tuesday, I'm sure Mr. Stevens' siblings, parents, children, and loved ones, all understand the reason why he had to die. In order to satisfy the bloodthirsty madness that seems to rule in the Middle East, the blood of the infidel (any old infidel will do) must be spilled.
Besides, he was an American and, clearly had a hand in the American plot to denigrate the Prophet and allow the vile, terrible, poisonous video to appear on Twitter/Facebook/, et al. You Blockheaded chumbuckets. My invisible, non-existent god is going to tickle your innards someday soon, you schmucks!
I hope the U.S. pulls all funding, all charitable donations and all support of any kind from every Middle East nation that supports Islamists jihad.
The storming of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, that left Stevens and three other embassy staff members murdered, goes into the book of life.
Do us all a favor and find a vast, bleak desert to set up camp and begin slaughtering each other to your hearts' content.
Any leader who is so insecure that he murders those who criticizes him, well, that guy is a LOSER!!! And his followers are BIGGER LOSERS!!!
One who knows that life is a gift, and that the universe is in harmony with the Creator who loves all peoples, even infidels?
NO, your leaders seem more like paranoid mafia dons. You know the type: guys who whack their own children if they suspect the kids of making fun of Dad's hairdo behind his back!
Jeez, what a mess.
Those who bury their heads in the sand, will find themselves up to their necks in sand - not much more.
Too many bloodthirsty numbskulls represent Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other Mid-East countries.
Too often, the world sees a bunch of thugs behaving like craven 8-year-old children who revel in meanness, and who find torturing innocent creatures fun!
So you go your way, please, and I'll go mine, OK.
 I won't visit your dusty, hellish countries, and I pray you won't visit mine
You can have your dogma - 24/7, 365. Just don't ask me to join you at the corner mosque.