Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"A new life. The core."
A line from the film "Eden Log," which I began to watch as I sit here typing. The trailer for the film mesmerized me, so I guessed the complete story would be worth a watch.
Magic happens once in a while, usually without prompting, effort or knowledge-aforethought.
Magic happens constantly in our lives, mostly without our noticing or recognizing the fact, even when it's magic we ourselves produce.
Darkness brings light, light brings darkness, and so it goes.
My struggle with the deep questions of human existence (why are we here, where did we come from, etc.) boil down to a biological versus extrasensory confluence of consciousness, constantly clawing for dominance, one above the other.
Harmony between the two states, though somehow desirable, seems impossible since the conditions are opposites and, therefore, unable to coexist – at least in our present form.
To feed the sublime, omnipotent being that knows but is unknown, I'm required to grind my physical being into nutritious dust to be served at heavenly meals.
To feed the physical being that I love, I'm required to tear my divine self to pieces and feed the "meat" to the mouth in the head on the neck of the shoulders that carry me through life.
If, for example, Newton's statement, "To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction," proves true, then that action, motion, life itself cannot know itself entirely because the actions create opposites – constantly.
But magic happens, and when it does, life is so magnificent and stunning it's nearly unendurably beautiful!
When darkness enshrouds you, embrace darkness.
When light blasts your vision to blindness, embrace blindness.
Embrace that which you fear, especially that which you fear the most. It's not really real anyway! Or so they say.
I think so. :)("lL: