Thursday, February 18, 2016

Vikings returns

The series, "Vikings" has returned - the first episode of the 4th season began tonight.
It is, by far, my favorite show on TV. The history oozes and seeps through the costumes, sets, geographic locales, plot lines, and the actors.
The characters are mesmerizing, unlike any that I can recall appearing on American television.
The superstitions, myths and fantasies touch a deep-rooted, hidden place in my psyche, though I enjoy the journey as I do any entertainment, quietly and with eyes riveted on the panorama.
So, life is good despite the ache and sorrow that haunts my nights, and sometimes my afternoons, too.
I think of Debra and I feel the burn of unrequited yearning. Sometimes I believe she is with me, even now, though I know she is dead and no longer of this earth. I miss her.
Perhaps I find some glimmer of a solution to my self-imposed prison of sadness in the lives of the Vikings. Ruthless, remorseless, violent, sexual folk, who lived like any moment could be their last; living fearlessly and fiercely, with no concern for public shows of envy, anger, love, lust, greed, and all the human emotions and impulses shared by all people - save the very, very few who live on the razor's edge of enlightenment and truth, and hellish infinity of fear and pain.
So I am amused and glad that Vikings has begun a new season. I wonder what mysteries will unfold through the 10 episodes (or so) that tell the story.
Be well. Live long, love truly, and prosper.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Super Bowl 50: The hype is ripe

The pregame show was good. The energy felt genuine, and the segment with Ron Howard (Opie!) was a nice twist on the typical "tell us your Super Bowl story" bit.
It had a certain American flavor to it and Mr. Howard, per usual, was looking through those lenses of his with uncommon aplomb.
So, who will win?
I like the Denver defense. I like the Panthers' offensive strategy (mostly).
If Payton Manning can nail a couple of 20-plus yard passes early in the game and, of course, take the team into the end zone, I give the edge to Denver.
If the Panthers intercept Manning early in the game, and then convert those INTs into points, then I give the Panthers the edge.
The Panthers, of course, are favored. But I think Denver may have a few sterling plays in their tool belt that could spin the heads of Carolina's defensive players just enough to rattle their cages and put them off their game.
More than usual, this Super Bowl will be one of gamesmanship - calling the right play at the right time.
It goes without saying that execution is key to any play, so that too must be considered and mixed into the stew.
I'll pick Denver (because they're underdogs) by 3 points.
OK, let's play!

Second half not yet begun.
Halftime show reminiscent of '60s-early '70s music mashups. Good show!
Best commercial so far - Jeep. Really emotionally charged, beautifully photographed commercial!
"We don't make Jeeps. You do!" Beautiful!
So it's 13-7 Denver and neither offenses are going anywhere thus far. Both defenses are playing lights-out (as expected), but Denver has to score TDs with their offensive squad, otherwise Carolina's bound to get in gear and win this thing.
I repeat, Manning needs to complete a couple of 20-plus yard passes and take the team in for a TD or two. That will do more to change the complexion of the game than anything, because I don't think most people believe that Payton can do it.
We shall see.
Let's play the second half, and may the best team win.

Fourth quarter: It looks like the defense is going to have to win this one for Payton. He just doesn't have the juice to get it done. If the defense can continue to blank Cam Newton and the gang, Denver wins it. If Cam finds a rhythm and gets on a roll, so long - Denver loses.

Looks like the Denver D is giving Payton a final gift - a second Super Bowl win!

The offense finally got a TD - thanks to the bowling ball shaped runner - Anderson - who fought like a devil to bang it in!
If Denver can hold on to the ball, maybe get this upcoming first down - it's game over! The Broncos are the winners of Super Bowl 50!
What an amazing defensive squad! Could be the best of all time! Certainly ranks in the top three best defensive squads in the NFL. Amazing! You don't see many games (especially Super Bowls) won by the defense in such a dominating fashion.
I'll say it again - amazing!
And now it's final. Denver is the Super Bowl championship team in 2016 - the 50th Super Bowl.